Coaches and Managers

Match Sheets

The home team provides a match sheet for each game from Age U8 and up.

It is the responsibility of the coach or manager to lodge match sheet by no later 6 PM on a Sunday evening with the Operations Manager.

You will need to be very clear amongst your own team as to who has the responsibility for the lodgement of the match sheet for week to week.

CDSFA imposes fines for the late lodgement of match sheets, the club has no budget for the payment of these fines, the fines will be the responsibility of your team.

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Wet Weather – Game Day

When there is a risk of damage to pitches or injury to players, fields may be closed for play by local councils, clubs or referees.

For weekend matches on away grounds, updates are posted by CDSFA. If a field does not have a CLOSED status against it then it is deemed to be OPEN

It also pays to check local council hotlines or websites for the most up-to-date ground status

Note: During wet weather, grounds may be closed at any time- even once you have arrived at or started a match.

Wet Weather - Training

We understand the uncertainty that is created when it’s wet and you’re not sure if the grounds are open or not. We endeavour to communicate as early as possible through our Managers.

Please remember that our volunteers have full time jobs and family to attend to so if you text, ring or email us we may not respond in a timely fashion so please wait for our communication.

Respectfully we ask that you wait for our communication, if you don’t hear from us training is on.

The wet weather assessment of our training pitch is undertaken by the Inner West Council not LJSTC.

Albeit, we may also cancel training even if the pitch is open but if we deem conditions not to be safe. ie lightning and other events

Match Fee Reimbursement

Match Official Payments

Payments are made to Referees and Assistant Referees by each team for games from U10 upward.

Payments are made by Managers or Coaches prior to the commencement of the match and must be evidenced by completing the ALTJC Match Reimbursement Form.

Reimbursement can be claimed by completing the online form

No claims will be reimbursed unless you have the ALTJC signed and completed in full and you have completed the online reimbursement form.

Ensure that you keep copies of all documents until you have received reimbursement.  

It is recommended that signed Match Official Payment Forms are photographed or scanned after each match in case of loss or damage.  
Reimbursement Requests will be processed monthly – do not submit requests after each individual match.

It is your responsibility to complete forms correctly the club will not reimburse unless you have complete forms.  


Coaches and managers are urged to read the CDSFA Judiciary Disciplinary & Appeals Regulations, to understand actions that can lead to the CDSFA issuing the club with a fine.

Where CDSFA issues the Club with a fine, the responsible player, coach, manager or team will be required to pay the fine (and in some cases an administration fee) to the Club.

When a fine has been incurred by a team, it is the responsibility of the manager to collect the payment and provide this to the club. 

Payments may be deducted from match official reimbursement requests, or paid directly to the club where this option is not available. If you believe that there are mitigating circumstances you must advise the Club in writing.

Common fines & charges for teams:

• Red Card – $60
• Replacement ID card – $20
• Ineligible Player – Team Registration Fee
• Late or No Notice of a Forfeit – Competitive (U12 & above) – $110 plus opposition match official fees
• Late or No Notice of a Forfeit – Non-Competitive (U11 & below) – $55 plus opposition match official fees
• Match Sheet Late/Not submitted – $10
• Match Sheet Incomplete/Incorrect – $30
• Away Results Late/Incorrect/Not submitted – $10
• Playing Strip Incorrect/Incomplete – $110
• Ground Official Not Visible (Home or Neutral Ground fixtures) – First offence by club (not team) $110; Second and subsequent offences by club $220.
For more information go to CDSFA fines and charges

Ground Official Duty and Field setup

CDSFA requires each field used by a home club, must provide at least one ground official.

· If a game is played on a neutral ground each team is required to provide a ground official.
· The ground official must be clearly visible and be identified as the official.

Roping of Fields

Mini fields do not need to be roped off.

· All other grounds must be roped off to a minimum of two metres to the extremities of the Penalty areas and at least metre high.
· There is a fine if a ground is not roped adequately

Who is allowed in the roped area

Any person inside the ropes/technical are must have current CDSFA ID card.

· Only coaches/manager/players in playing strip are permitted inside the ropes/technical area.
· A maximum of 2 officials (managers/coaches) are permitted within the ropes/technical area.
· No person can stand behind the goal or within 15 metres of either end of the penalty area.
· The referee may stop the match and remove any person to behind the ropes if he decides that it is necessary for the efficient management of the game.

Ground officials support the game by:

  • Making themselves know to the referee before the start of the match
  • Ensuring that spectators stay behind ropes and fences and do not enter the field of play
  • Ensuring that the area behind the goal is kept clear at all times
  • Ensure that no persons including coaches and managers enter the field of play until signalled by the referee
  • Assist the referee as requested at any time
  • Ensure that the consumption of alcohol or smoking does not take place in the immediate vicinity of the playing field until after the completion of the last match.
Child Safety
  • The WWC Check is only one strategy to keep children safe. There are many things employers and organisations that work with children can do to make sure their organisations are child-safe and child-friendly.
  • The Australian Human Rights Commission has released new National Principles for Child Safe Organisations. Click here to read. These National Principles reflect the child safesafetyndards recommended by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.
  • As a child-safe organisation, your safety strategies should include:
  1. a commitment and culture, focussed on protecting children
  2. creation of a safe physical and online environment
  3. child safety policies and procedures
  4. good recruitment and screening, including reference checking
  5. ongoing education and training of staff and volunteers
  6. good communication and involvement of parents and community
  7. empowering children to know their rights and actively participate in the organisation
  8. effective complaints management, including making sure children know who they can talk to about their concerns
Child Protection Policy

Statement of Conduct for Working with Youth

Leichhardt Tigers Juniors SC is committed to creating and maintaining the safest possible environment for all participants in Leichhardt Tigers Juniors SC activities. It is the duty of all Leichhardt Tigers Juniors coaches, managers, members, and other volunteers to safeguard to the best of their ability the welfare of and to prevent the physical, sexual, or emotional abuse of children and young people with whom they come into contact.

Policy Statement

The Leichhardt Tigers Juniors SC will prioritise its efforts to prevent the abuse of children occurring whilst children are involved in Leichhardt Tigers Juniors SC activities.

It is the policy of the Leichhardt Tigers Juniors SC to take steps to prevent the abuse of children within the activities of the organisation.

Leichhardt Tigers Juniors SC is a child safe club and it is the responsibility of all Club members to comply with the Child Protection Policy.

The Leichhardt Tigers Juniors SC will respond to instances or complaints of child abuse occurring within a program with procedures consistent with the expectations of the NSW Department of Family and Community Services, NSW Police and Rotary International Sexual Abuse and Harassment Prevention Policy.

Compliance training for the Child Protection Policy and Procedure Manual is to be conducted annually and for all new members to receive a copy of this policy.


The Leichhardt Tigers Juniors SC Child Protection Policy prescribes the procedures for:

  • Reporting of Risk of Significant Harm (ROSH) under Children and Young People (Care and Protection Act 1998)
  • Appropriate background screening for volunteers working with children
  • Dealing with Volunteers who become ‘barred’ under the Child Protection (Working with Children) Act 2012


Under the Child Protection (Working with Children) Act 2012 all information relating to an individual is to be kept strictly confidential. Information is to be accessed by authorised individuals only as outlined in this policy and procedure manual and is not to be shared.

All members of the Leichhardt Tigers Juniors SC are to ensure confidentiality in all situations. In the event of a breach of the Child Protection Policy relevant information is to be provided as per policy.

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